Paulin Take-Out Church Advent 2018

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Advent means “coming” or “arrival”. The focus of this season is the celebration of the birth of Jesus! It is a 4
week period of waiting, planning and celebrating the birth of Christ. 

"Paulin's Christian Education committee wants to help busy young families with their faith formation at home.  If you weren't able to get one of the Take-out Advent bags, here is an abbreviated version for you to use each week in December.  Download the 3 pdf files.  Two pages are the Advent Calendar which contains a daily bible verse to read together with your family.  The other page has craft ideas for each week including a make-it-yourself advent wreath."

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Presbytery of Essex/Kent Induction Service for Rev. Lisa Aide , June 19, 2016 

Part 1 .... Edict (Clerk of Presbytery - Mrs. Anne Boden) and Narration of Steps

(Rev. Scott McAllister - University Community Church)

Part 2 .... Sermon & Charge (Rev. John Giurin - St. James Presbyterian Church, Chatham Ontario)

Part 3 .... The Induction .... (Rev. Ron Sharpe - St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Windsor)

The Hymns and Choir Anthem (A Greeting of Peace) are not included in the videos.




A Few Faces of Paulin  - Posted April 4, 2016

Paulin Faces 2 Collage SPECIAL


Paulin Faces Collage SPECIAL


 Paulin Faces 7 Collage SPECIAL