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Paulin Memorial Church is part of the Presbytery of Essex/Kent which is part of the Synod of Southwestern Ontario which is part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  We have financial obligations and opportunities at all levels of our involvement.  Paulin is very responsible and  meets it's obligations, also generously responds to opportunities for support and outreach at home and around the world  (Read more on the Mission and Outreach page.)

The Kirk Session is a court of the Presbyterian Church in Canada comprised of elected members within Paulin Memorial Presbyterian Church. 

Duties of a Session member (also known as a church elder) are varied and include:

The spiritual matters pertaining to:

                                                     The Congregation

The Supervision of:

                                                     All Committees

                                                     Members and Adherents

                                                     The admission of new members

                                                     Church policies

The minister is the moderator of all meetings and a clerk is appointed to keep minutes and all records of the Session.  Our present clerk is Ann McLachlan, and we have 25 elders on session.

Being an elder on the session at Paulin is a demanding role.  Elders are expected to attend session meetings, serve on a committee, visit the people in their districts, take a turn greeting at the door, serve communion, be involved in the life events of the church, and generally care about the spiritual well-being of the congregation.  It's not a position of prestige or honour, but one of service, as we seek to follow the example set for us by Jesus.  For the most part, the Paulin elders are dedicated and faithful and try hard to do the job to which God has called them.  Please share your ideas and concerns when your elder comes to call.  If you don't have an elder, but would like one, please call the church.

Session members are called "Ruling Elders" although that function is seldom exercised these days.  The minister is call the "Teaching Elder".  We work together to attempt to meet the spiritual needs of the members and adherents of the congregation.  With all the rest of the congregation, the elders take their place in the Body of Christ and do their best to reach into the community and welcome newcomers and visitors with love and compassion.  As our society becomes more and more secularized, all church members have increasingly demanding responsibilities to work to bring in God's Kingdom.



Session Highlights from May 27 & Board/Session from June 10, 2019


Pastoral Care:

Prayer has the power to comfort and heal. At the beginning of every session meeting, elders,

with the congregant’s permission, pray for those who are ill both physically and mentally.


Presbytery Visit Report Update: The leadership at Paulin Memorial have had a few struggles these past years and we requested a Presbytery to visit to help us to gain insight into these challenges that we have been facing. Like many other churches, we still have areas that we can grow in, a need to strengthen our witness and a need to allow our ministry to grow to the next level. Presbytery strongly recommended and the board and session have chosen to hire a group called Credence and Co. to help us invest in the leadership of our church.  They will help the session & board equip ourselves with new tools and skills that can be used for the future ministry of our church. There is a cost to this consultation, but we strongly believe that we are investing in the future of our church family. The money will be taken out of our general operating fund and is unbudgeted, but just as we would fix a broken window, we need to invest in fixing this division as we seek to move forward as one family in Jesus’ name.

Christian Education: Audrey Landon, Beth Stockford and Rev Lisa Aide attended a workshop at Camp Kintail on Tuesday, May 7th with the Rev Dr Tori Smit. The workshop dealt with the challenges of providing meaningful Sunday School with dwindling attendance.  Buy a Book with Brunch was held June 9th with the proceeds going toward our Youth Camp Fund. We are busy planning for our Vacation Bible Camp being held July 22 to 26. We are looking for volunteers to join us for any part of the week. 

Mission and Outreach: The Time and Talent Auction was extremely successful on May 5th.  The total raised was $1,149.00 which will be divided among the 3 charities (PWSD, Matthew House & Windsor Amputee Support Group).  Any funds donated through the special envelopes in church will also be added to the total.

Coffee tins collected for the Downtown Mission was 154 as of May 14, 2019. 

Worship: Beginning, Sunday, July 7th, there will be only 1 service at 10:00 in the sanctuary. Because of the heat, Sunday service will move to the upper hall for the month of August.

Congregational Life: Community Dinners end for the summer on June 19th but there be one dinner on Wednesday, July 17 at 6:00 p.m.  Previously, the community dinners funded the food costs for the Downtown Mission lunches but as of the end of June 2019, Paulin will no longer be funding the Downtown Mission lunches. There are discussions about whether Mission & Outreach will take over co-ordinating volunteers for the Downtown Mission Lunches and if we can continue to provide volunteers twice a month. Volunteers from Paulin will only be doing the Downtown Mission Lunches twice a month until the end of August. There is a sign up sheet for the Women's Retreat at Camp Kintail that will be held Sept. 27 thru Sept 29. Cost is $200.00. On September 21st there will be a sale of good household items, each family looking after their own table, with all proceeds going to the General Operating Fund.  

Capital Fund Fundraising committee: The Mothers’ Day Tea was a success with  91 tickets sold & $890 raised.  Everyone enjoyed the Sweet Adelines and the trifle was a hit.   Many thanks to all the volunteers: Ann Kennedy, who took wonderful pictures; the male servers who did an excellent job of serving and entertaining the women at their tables; those who helped with set up and take down; and, a special thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, as without them, we could not do these events. The Hymn Sing held May 26th raised $340.00 and 74 people attended. The next fundraiser for the capital fund is a Steak BBQ on Wednesday, August 14th.

Roll Report: There was discussion as to when next to hold membership classes. Rev. Lisa Aide will hold membership classes in September – one set will be offered during the evening and 1 set will be offered on a weekend. Adherents are encouraged to profess their faith and become members of the church.

Submitted by Anne McLachlan, Clerk of Session