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Paulin Session Highlights Apr 29 2019    

Scripture & Prayer: Rev. Lisa Aide begins every session meeting with prayer, a reading from

scripture and a brief spiritual devotion. This month, we reflected on John 21: 15-17. How do

we move on from hurt & sorrow and respond with love?

Presbytery Visit Report Update: At their April 2019 meeting, Presbtery decided to cover the cost of providing mentorship to Rev. Lisa Aide with Credence & Co. According to the moderator of Presbytery, it is up to the session of Paulin Memorial Presbyterian Church, with input from the board of managers in terms of the financial aspect, as to whether or not to follow through with the mediation. A copy of the proposal for the mentorship and for mediation by Credence & Co. was provided to session members for the April 29th meeting. In the spirit of working together with the board, a committee is being formed with 2 members from the session, 2 members from the board of managers, 2 members from the congregation at large and the treasurer to review the proposal and make a recommendation to session at the May 2019 session meeting.

Christian Education:. Planning is underway for the Vacation Bible Day Camp from July 22-26, 2019 & registration forms are available. Volunteers and donations will be required with a sign-up sheet coming soon. The “Buy a Book with Brunch” fundraiser for Youth Camp Fund is scheduled for Sunday, June 16th after the service. Family movie night on Saturday, April 6th had 14 participants- 5 were children. Average Sunday School attendance is 5 children. 13 different teens and pre-teens have attended the Coffee Houses since September. Several members of the CE committee will be attending a workshop on small Sunday Schools at Kintail on May 7th.

Mission and Outreach: On March 17th, ten soups were enjoyed by all who attended; $180.00 was raised for the Downtown Mission Coffee Fund.  To date 131 tins of coffee have been donated. The committee is still looking for additional members. The Month of Charities have groups scheduled for May 5th (Matthew House), May 12th (PWSD) and May 19th (Windsor Amputee Support Group).  All proceeds from the envelopes for the Month of Charities and the Time and Talent Auction will be divided evenly between the three charities chosen.

Worship: Summer Schedule of one service at 10:00 am to run from July 7th to Sept. 8th (Rally Sunday). Worship will move to the upper hall from July 7th to September 1st. A 2-page bulletin will be printed for Sunday worship services. A newsletter will be distributed 3 times a year. 114 people receive their newsletter by email and 150 people pick up a paper copy or have it mailed. Congregants are encouraged to provide their email address to their elder or the church secretary to reduce costs associated with printing and mailing newsletters.

Congregational Life: Average attendances for congregational life activities from January to April 2019: Men's Breakfast - 20 (organized by Don Adams); Women's Breakfast - 8 (organized by Louise Dupuis & Sandy Digou); Dinner & Movie – 20; Coffee Hour – 40; Bereavement - 5

Capital Fund Fundraising committee: Upcoming events are the Mother’s Day Tea on Saturday May 11, 2019 and a Hymn Sing Concert on Sunday May 26, 2019.

Treasurer’s Report: WFCU Chequing Account – balance forward as at Feb 28 2019 - $134,920.33. Closing balance as at March 31 2019 - $139,357.02.   Total Deposits: $27,767.09 – Sunday deposits: $21,325.60; Par: $6,430.00; Interest - $11.49. Total Cheques and PAPs - $23,331.30. Reconciled Balance: Total Cheques outstanding (4) - $2,906.86. Total Deposits outstanding (1) - $2545.65 Actual Balance $138,995.81. Designated Fund Revenue received: $1515.65. The budgeted amount of revenue for March is $22,790.00 The actual revenue received was $21,138.30. This represents a shortfall of $3,804 in budgeted revenue year-to-date.

Submitted by Anne McLachlan, Clerk of Session




Paulin Memorial Church is part of the Presbytery of Essex/Kent which is part of the Synod of Southwestern Ontario which is part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  We have financial obligations and opportunities at all levels of our involvement.  Paulin is very responsible and  meets it's obligations, also generously responds to opportunities for support and outreach at home and around the world  (Read more on the Mission and Outreach page.)

The Kirk Session is a court of the Presbyterian Church in Canada comprised of elected members within Paulin Memorial Presbyterian Church. 

Duties of a Session member (also known as a church elder) are varied and include:

The spiritual matters pertaining to:

                                                     The Congregation

The Supervision of:

                                                     All Committees

                                                     Members and Adherents

                                                     The admission of new members

                                                     Church policies

The minister is the moderator of all meetings and a clerk is appointed to keep minutes and all records of the Session.  Our present clerk is Ann McLachlan, and we have 25 elders on session.

Being an elder on the session at Paulin is a demanding role.  Elders are expected to attend session meetings, serve on a committee, visit the people in their districts, take a turn greeting at the door, serve communion, be involved in the life events of the church, and generally care about the spiritual well-being of the congregation.  It's not a position of prestige or honour, but one of service, as we seek to follow the example set for us by Jesus.  For the most part, the Paulin elders are dedicated and faithful and try hard to do the job to which God has called them.  Please share your ideas and concerns when your elder comes to call.  If you don't have an elder, but would like one, please call the church.

Session members are called "Ruling Elders" although that function is seldom exercised these days.  The minister is call the "Teaching Elder".  We work together to attempt to meet the spiritual needs of the members and adherents of the congregation.  With all the rest of the congregation, the elders take their place in the Body of Christ and do their best to reach into the community and welcome newcomers and visitors with love and compassion.  As our society becomes more and more secularized, all church members have increasingly demanding responsibilities to work to bring in God's Kingdom.


Presbytery Visit Report Update: The recommendations for a mentor for Rev. L.Aide (funded by Presbytery) & a mediator to help resolve issues among Rev. L.Aide, the Session, the Board of Managers, church secretary & congregation were accepted by Presbytery. Rev. Scott MacAllister & Rev. Mike Maroney will identify possible persons for those 2 positions. A. McLachlan, clerk of session, A. Boden, clerk of Presbytery & B. Pittock as session representative to Presbytery together with Rev. Aide will follow up.
Christian Education: The CE committee together with the Board have discussed painting the Sunday School rooms. Pictures of the mural in the primary classroom will be taken, framed and hung in the classroom to honour those members of Paulin who lovingly painted it.
Mission & Outreach: The Month of Charities dates are May 5th, 12th & 19th
Presentations about PWS&D, Matthew House & Windsor Amputee Support Group will be made on those Sundays. Instead of donations during service, a Time & Talent Auction will occur at a future date in May. Members of the congregation can choose to donate their time, talent or money.
Community Dinners: Mark Beaten is retiring from organizing the community dinners in June and the monthly Friday/Saturday lunches at the Downtown Mission in August. Thanks to M. Beaten for his years of service to our church and our mission work in the community. The Community Dinners committee (chaired by Audrey Landon & including Carla Johnson-Hicks, Sheila Bowyer, Bonnie Pittock & Cheryl Lee) will be meeting to discuss the future of this mission work.
Worship Committee: The choir will be presenting an Easter Cantata during the 11:00 service on Palm Sunday, April 14th. Maundy Thursday service on April 18th will be a Passover meal at 6:00 p.m.; Good Friday service on April 19th with coffee & hot-cross buns at 9:30 am followed by a walk with the cross and service at11:00; Easter Sunday services at 9:00 & 11:00 am.
Treasurer’s Report: Several motions were passed to transfer unused money in
several designated funds to the general operating fund. The amount of revenue
received for January was $14,693.00 (budgeted for $16,730.00) leaving a shortfall
of $2,307.00.
Roll Report: At every meeting, 3 elders will connect with members in their
district to determine if they wish to remain affiliated with Paulin & report back to
session. Any member or adherent in the congregation who does not have an elder
should contact Jane VanBuskirk, roll clerk.


The January Session meeting was actually held February 4, 2019 because of inclement weather.
Date of Annual Meeting. The annual meeting is tentatively set for Sunday, March 31st after
service. There would only be 1 service that Sunday at 10:00. There is a delay in generating the
financial report for a number of reasons as our new church treasurer wants to get the numbers
Christian Education Committee: 32 different children attended Sunday School last session with
an average of 9 weekly. The CE committee is still looking for monitors and nursery helpers. The
youth have selected the Goodfellows Breakfast Program as a charity to support for the Birthday
Church. The committee is continuing with its Take Way Sunday School – 10 bags were
distributed for Advent and there will be kits for February, Lent & Easter. Family Movie Nights
will continue every 2nd month.
Mission & Outreach Committee: Three charities have been chosen for the Charitable
Donations Month and once confirmed will have speakers assigned dates. Rather than
donations during service, funds will be raised through a Time and Talent Auction and/or a Silent
Auction. A Soup Lunch will be held for March 17, 2019 to raise money for the coffee fund with
a theme of soups made with green vegetables.
Congregational Life: We are still struggling to get coffee hosts each Sunday. Wednesday
Congregation dinners continue to go very well. Dinner & Movie scheduled for Feb. 23 with
details to follow. International Pot Luck supper Saturday, Mar. 23 with people encouraged to
wear dress of native country. Pancake Supper will be Wednesday March 6 - - Looking for
volunteers. Lenten Soup Suppers will begin March 13 through April 10. There is NO DINNER
on April 17.
Treasurer’s Report: The 2018 budgeted envelope contributions was $232,000.00. The actual
received was $207,096.21. This represented a shortfall of $24, 903.79 in budgeted envelope
givings for 2018. (5 years ago, our envelope givings were $250,000). Fortunately, our expenses
were also down and although there was a budgeted deficit of $4,117.00, preliminary numbers
suggest we had a surplus of approximately $10,605.00 thanks to all the belt-tightening by
committees. Final numbers will be available for the annual report.
Board Report : The custodian, Vera Lemire is retiring as of April 30, 2019. Property committee
is tendering the groundskeeping. The board received and unanimously accepted the Operating
budget for 2019. We are unable to currently offer public wifi. Information about internet
service providers is being researched and recommendations will be made at the February board
meeting. Final repair of the boiler replacement & repair was completed in December 2018 at a
total cost of $29,636.82.
Submitted by Anne McLachlan, Clerk of Session